Baron Darius Korvelle

Conclave Member, Baron of Eriston in Thesca


Baron Korvelle is the lord of the town of Eriston and its environs, which lies to the south of Ankarrah, at the juncture of the Garin River and the main highway that encircles Thesca. It lies a few miles downriver from the mountains that run down the center of the island nation, and as such is strategically located. Korvelle controls much of the mining done in Thesca, and a good deal of those raw materials are refined into salable goods in his city. In addition, the largest forest in the country is a few miles south along the road, and a portion of it also lies within Korvelle’s purview. So a great deal of lumber passes through Eriston to other parts of the island. Eriston also often serves as a secondary hub to transport goods imported through Ankarrah to the rest of the island. Baron Korvelle represents the interests of the landowning nobles of Thesca on the Conclave.

Despite this position of wealth and influence, Baron Korvelle was not satisfied. Korvelle’s first wife died giving birth to their first child, who is also named Darius. Several years later, Baron Korvelle used his political power to secure the hand of Content Not Found: lady-nasrina, Prince Horace’s eldest child and the current Prince’s sister. Though he is not cruel to her, the 25 year difference in their ages, coupled with the Baron’s preoccupation with gathering political power, ensures a loveless marriage. Still, she has given him 3 more children, 2 sons and a daughter. Baron Korvelle is now a man in his mid-50s, with the characteristic slight paunch of an older man who has gone out of condition and sometimes overindulges. Korvelle remains a skilled politician, however, and has cultivated firm alliances with many of the other members of the Conclave.

Baron Darius Korvelle

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