God of Dwarves and Duergar, Master of the Earth and Stone


Bownammar is the patron god of the dwarven and duergar peoples. In their mythology, he created them out of the earth and stones of their homeland. In their oldest stories, he is a god of creation in all its forms—crafting, farming, animal husbandry, etc. In more recent centuries, he has also become a warrior god, though this emphasis has faded somewhat since they have regained their independence from the Urukin. Bownammar is the only god worshiped by either race in Delghor, and by far the most popular for those that live in other lands as well, though many dwarves will also come to worship a different deity if they are not originally from Delghor. Bownammar has few followers outside of his child races, however, though he has gained some popularity amongst craftsmen in Tharad and Galdar.



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