Captain Lars Tulsan

2nd In Command of the Ankarrah City Guard


Captain Tulsan is Commander Kalakh’s new second in command, promoted to his current rank just last year. His position is generally treated very like the first officer aboard a ship. However, Tulsan’s talent for diplomacy and clever mind have begun leading him to play the role of political liaison to the palace for his commander instead. He often sits in on Conclave meetings as Kalakh’s designated representative.

Tulsan is a charming man of 28. His ability to think on his feet, keen understanding of people’s motives, and drive to succeed have brought him to a position of power at an unprecedented young age. Tulsan makes sure to present a friendly face to nearly everyone he meets, but he keeps his thoughts to himself and is capable of swift and even ruthless action when the situation calls for it. He is a very polarizing figure within the city guard-—many are fiercely loyal to him, often citing personal favors he has done them, while some see him as an overly ambitious opportunist. It should be noted that many of this latter group are career guardsmen of middle years, with few prospects for further advancement.

Captain Lars Tulsan

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