Chancellor Thesalia Keldorin

Conclave Member, Chancellor of Thesca


Chancellor Keldorin is second in power only to Prince Roland VI himself. It is her task to carry out the orders of the throne, a role she also performed for Prince Roland’s father, Prince Horace II, in his last decade on the throne. In the Prince‚Äôs absence, she presides over the Conclave.

A rare thing in Thescan politics, Keldorin is a Lelthalan woman, having demonstrated her abilities far too thoroughly over the years to be questioned any longer because of her gender. And given that she is only 146 years old, she promises to have a long career ahead of her. Keldorin is a soft-spoken lady of refined beauty. She is also a dangerous enemy to have- prior to entering Thescan politics she was a decorated colonel in a highly successful mercenary company, The Golden Kestrels, that operates primarily in Targea. She is famous for her pivotal role in the defeat of an orcish assault on Fallshire about 20 years ago. Moreover, she is rumored to quietly employ certain people who deal with thorny political problems for her from time to time.


Chancellor Thesalia Keldorin

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