Commander Urgaj Kalakh

Conclave Member, Commander of the Ankarrah City Guard


Commander Kalakh is in charge of the city guards in Ankarrah. This title is somewhat misleading, because the Guard Commander of Ankarrah is in control of more than just the city guard; he is also Admiral of Thesca’s navy. This second role is almost symbolic, however, since Thesca does not maintain a large, active military force. There are a relative handful of ships which patrol the island’s territorial waters, mostly to combat piracy and smuggling. Each of the other towns on the island maintains its own garrison of city guards, but, as with Ankarrah, these serve more as a police force than an army, and Kalakh has no jurisdiction over them, save in the event that war is declared. Since Thesca has seldom been at war, this is not a regular concern. The Guard Commander also holds a seat on the Conclave.

Kalakh, as are many urukin, is a man of discipline. He is well-liked by his subordinates, however, because he is also known to be a fair man. He is not, however, good at politics, and as such, his influence at the palace is limited. He has come to depend on his second in command, Captain Tulsan, to handle matters of diplomacy and political maneuvering. He remains in excellent condition, despite being over 50 years old now.

Commander Urgaj Kalakh

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