Dean Eyras Ceronial

Conclave Member, Dean of the University of Ankarrah


Dean Ceronial runs the University of Ankarrah, which is among the foremost centers of learning in the world. One of the rare Anhar, Dean Ceronial is himself a survivor of the catastrophe that befell his people in the Forest of Ash, though he will rarely speak of it. An old man now, Ceronial has seen more than 3 centuries pass since that day. He came to Thesca some 150 years ago to teach magical theory at the university. Over the years, he rose to lead the School of Arcane Studies and then, 26 years ago, became Dean of the entire university. Prince Roland’s father, Horace II, was a student of the university early in Ceronial’s tenure as Dean and, in those youthful days, was known to be something of a free spirit. Ceronial carefully tempered the young heir’s more wild tendencies and eventually became a trusted confidante. When Horace took the throne, he appointed the Anhar professor to a seat on his Conclave, where he continued to trust the old elf’s advice. Horace made sure his sons also paid heed to Ceronial’s wisdom, and Prince Roland has followed his father’s example, keeping the Dean on his own Conclave.

Dean Ceronial is a quiet man who chooses his words with care. He is well known both for his deliberate, honest nature and his extraordinary magical talents. Thus, although his often gentle demeanor, combined with his thin frame and obvious age would suggest a person easily ignored, Dean Ceronial’s soft words are nearly always attended to by those around him. He is widely viewed as the conscience behind the throne. Although his position with the Prince and his family is strong, and thus his seat on the Conclave quite secure, Ceronial does not have strong alliances among his peers on the Conclave. He is widely respected, even feared at times, but few count him a friend.

Dean Eyras Ceronial

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