Guildmaster Hiram Stonefist

Conclave Member, Head of the Merchant's Guild


Guildmaster Stonefist leads the Merchants Guild of Ankarrah. Although his position does not legally require him to be on the Conclave, very few Princes have denied a seat to the powerful guild. Given the role that Ankarrah plays in global economics, this is hardly surprising. Nominally, the Merchants Guildmaster is supposed to represent the interests of all the city’s guilds, not just his own. In practice, this is often not the case.

Stonefist is a Dwarf of 62. Before being elected to his current post by his guildmates almost 10 years ago, he was among the most successful merchants in the city, and, though he does little business himself anymore, he still owns 4 shops in the city and more than a dozen trading vessels which travel to all parts of Estya. Each of his shops is currently managed by one of his children, while his brother oversees the fleet. Hiram Stonefist is an excellent representative for his guild, but he is not above using his position for personal advantage. He is typically vocal about his opinions but not aggressive. He usually puts on a boisterous demeanor, but is an extremely shrewd negotiator and politician.

Guildmaster Hiram Stonefist

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