Harbormaster Goruk Lodash

Master of Ankarrah Harbor


The Harbormaster is in charge of organizing the main commercial docks for the city of Ankarrah. He is responsible for making sure incoming ships are docked, unloaded, and reloaded in a timely and orderly fashion. He collects import tariffs and export duties for the Crown, and ensures that the various piers and dry docks remain in good repair. Lodash has only been Harbormaster forabout a year. Previously, he was Master of the Dockworkers Guild for 9 years. His former role has ensured that he has good relations with his employees.

Harbormaster Lodash is an Urukin in his mid-30s. He is a confident, plain-spoken individual who is quite willing to make his thoughts known on any and all subjects of concern. His forthright attitude, however, appears to be a manifestation of a fundamental honesty, and it has made him well-liked by those working for him.


Harbormaster Goruk Lodash

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