Patron God of Jerekim


Jerek was originally a mortal man, credited with the founding of the nation of Jerekim. Reliable historical records from that time are hard to come by, but it is generally believed that he is responsible for unifying the disparate tribes of humanity that dwelt in eastern Kandar and forging them into what eventually became an empire spanning half a continent. The myths and legends of Jerek grew ever greater, particularly after his death, until he was deified in fact as well as effect. The Church of Jerek remains the official religion in Jerekim, and is widely popular, though no longer the only faith in that land. It also retains a strong following in parts of the continent that were once part of Jerekim but are now independent, though its presence is not as large. However, there are few followers of Jerek outside this region, and Jerek has never gained much popularity at all with other races.

Jerek is a god of courage and the dawn. His official designation is “Lord of the Boundless Horizon.”



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