God of the Urukin, War


Kordan is the patron deity of Yar Kordin and, unsurprisingly, is a god chiefly of war and conquest, although to a lesser extent he is also a god of order and wisdom. He prizes strength of arms and valor in battle, of course, but he also expects obedience to hierarchy, respect for the chain of command, and smart tactics. Courageous but futile sacrifices do not please him.

Kordan was once virtually the only god of the Urukin, but a number of other deities have gained a foothold in uruk culture, brought home from the lands they had conquered. He remains the most popular god among them, however. He has also come to enjoy some followers among other races, particularly humans, that make a living as soldiers, guards, mercenaries, or bureaucrats.

Kordani theology is, generally, unusually straightforward. While he is a god with no shortage of priests, few of them follow that profession exclusively—as a warrior god, Kordan expects his clerics to be warriors themselves. As such, there are few ceremonies or formal observances to Kordan, save things like simple blessings before a battle, or the ceremonies surrounding promotions. The primary exception to this is Kordistay, the warrior god’s festival, held at midwinter.



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