Lord Garlan Sorend

Heir to the Throne of Thesca, Brother to the Ruling Prince


Lord Garlan is the younger brother to the ruling Prince of Thesca, Prince Roland VI, and, since his elder brother lacks male issue at present, the heir to the throne.

If the heir designate has attained his legal majority, 17, then he is accorded a non-voting seat on the Conclave. He may cast votes in the name of the Prince in his absence, though his positions are given no greater weight than any of the full members. The heir designate also serves as duke of all crown-held lands in Thesca. Most of these are in the area directly around the capital.

That being said, Garlan wields a great deal of unofficial power. While his elder brother Roland is a charismatic and well-liked monarch, he has little patience for the details of administration, and delegates much of that responsibility to Garlan. This apparently suits Garlan quite well, who seems to have no desire for the popularity and attention his older brother enjoys so well, while at the same time having a keen interest in government administration. Fortunately for the realm, the arrangement seems to work quite well, as Garlan also seems to have an instinctive understanding of when to leave responsibilities in the hands of those best equipped to manage them, and is generous in leaving the details of governing in the hands of the various members of the Conclave with the greatest expertise, while still guiding broad policy. Though Roland’s reign is still young, it shows every sign of being a prosperous and successful one for the small but influential island nation.

Garlan is a private person, and only recently married, so far without children. His wife Amalda, however, is clearly the center of his world, and it is widely known that he is a devoted husband.

Lord Garlan Sorend

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