Lord Jarel Reglin


Lord Reglin has been a member of the Conclave for many years. Indeed, he was Chancellor before Thesalia Keldorin. He stepped down voluntarily when he found his age began to impair his ability to do the demanding job to his high standards. At Prince Horace’s insistence, he remained on the Conclave and continued to serve as a trusted adviser, though he held no other official post any longer, and was otherwise retired. Surprisingly, despite being more than 10 years older than Prince Horace, he has outlived his royal friend, and remains in remarkably good health for his age.

Partly out of respect for his long service, and the fact that his mind has remained sharp, Prince Roland has kept him on the Conclave. He is accorded a great deal of respect by his colleagues, though he has few friends. Even his successor as Chancellor will sometimes defer to his judgement on contentious issues.


Lord Jarel Reglin

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