Minister Derrin Waylan

Conclave Member, Head of Thescan Foreign Affairs


Minister Waylan heads the Thescan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A minor noble with lands outside Sathon, Thesca’s northernmost city and secondary port town, Waylan has worked as a professional diplomat for over 20 years, holding prestigious positions such as Ambassador to Jerekim and the Tharsan Imperium, before being named to his current post by Prince Roland. The position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, like the Chancellor, always sits on the Conclave. As the head of the Thescan diplomatic corps, Waylan wields considerable influence, since Ankarrah’s power in the world is predicated largely on its position as a hub of international trade, and that position can only be preserved by maintaining friendly relations with nations that wield far greater military power than Thesca.

Minister Waylan is a human of average height in his early-40s. He is known to be a keen judge of others and capable of being highly persuasive—-hardly surprising traits for a professional diplomat. He is said to harbor many secrets, and is not afraid to use those secrets in the furtherance of his goals. Fortunately, he is also known to be steadfastly loyal to the Sorend family, to which he is distantly related. Waylan has cultivated a strong relationship with Guildmaster Stonefist, an alliance he began before either of them had risen to the Conclave.

Minister Derrin Waylan

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