Prelate Kelrian Tandareth

High Priest of Yelyna in Ankarrah


Prelate Tandareth is the head of the Order of Yelyna in Ankarrah. The faith is popular primarily among scholars and so not one of the most influential churches in Thesca. However, it is also popular amongst mages, and that lends it a certain prestige it might not otherwise achieve. Tandareth is a Lelthalan man late in his 2nd century. He is also, rarely for his race, a bit overweight. By human standards he would merely be called a bit husky, but by the standards of elves, he is noticeably fat.

Prelate Tandareth is a brilliant man, widely read and knowledgeable on a myriad of subjects, though perhaps unsurprisingly, much of his wisdom is academic rather than practical. He is also a personal friend of Dean Ceronial.


Prelate Kelrian Tandareth

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