Prince Cirril Sorend I

First Prince of the Sorend Dynasty


Cirril Sorend was a minor noble- an earl with lands southeast of Ankarrah- when the Aecwyn Dynasty finally sputtered out. He had two things going for him in his subsequent campaign to become the next Prince: he could claim descent, albeit slight, directly from Thanis Varonian, and, far more importantly, he was exceptionally charismatic. Rumor has it that he made some absolutely outrageous promises to several members of the Conclave, but, if so, he must have been both convincing and as good as his word, because he won the crown in only two months’ time, and had a fairly peaceful reign following his coronation- history has no evidence that he had to deal with disgruntled Conclave members. Prince Cirril’s reign was characterized mostly by his efforts to gradually reduce the rampant levels of corruption and crime that had been staples of his predecessors’ governing methods. The Sorend Dynasty has been characterized by this kind of quiet pragmatism more often than not.


Prince Cirril Sorend I

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