Prince Ildalis Aecwyn I

First Prince of the Aecwyn Dynasty


Ildalis Aecwyn was a highly successful Lelthalan merchant with political ambitions. When Content Not Found: prince-shakag-ii-1 died without an heir, Ildalis seized the chance, and did everything in his considerable power to make himself the next Prince of Thesca, and succeeded. Though never proven, there were many rumors at the time that a great deal of money, and not a few promises of future favors, changed hands to make this happen. This proved to set the tone for virtually the entirety of the Aecwyn Dynasty. Although Ankarrah secured its preeminent position in the world as a financial and trade center under the Aecwyns’ stewardship, this dynasty was also known for nearly endemic corruption.


Prince Ildalis Aecwyn I

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