The Masked One

God of Trickery, Thieves, and Deception


The Masked One, if he has a name, has revealed it to no mortal. indeed, even her gender is unclear – some of his faithful consider her one, while others see him as the other. This is perhaps unsurprising, for a god of trickery and deceit.

The Masked One is the patron of thieves, confidence men, and pranks. As such, she is not generally viewed kindly by most, and has no dedicated priesthood or temples. For all that, though, his adherents maintain she isn’t such a bad sort – after all, he condones no violence, and holds no love for those that take advantage of the weak and downtrodden. At her core, The Masked One is a trickster god, believing that the wealthy and powerful need an antagonist that keeps them humble.

It is generally believed that The Masked One began as a human god, though there is debate whether he springs from Andivan or Jerekai roots. That said, she has wormed his way, to varying degrees, into nearly every civilized society’s pantheon in one form or another.


The Masked One

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