Most of the time, the Conclave serves as a board of advisers to the Thescan Prince. Many of them also hold positions of authority in their own right within the government. In the event that the succession becomes unclear, the Conclave is empowered to select an heir to the throne, though this heir may not be from among their own number. There are certain positions that bring with it a seat on the Conclave, but the ruling Prince is given wide discretion to include additional members of his choosing. The body has no set number. It typically consists of between 5 and 10 members, however. In the event of a tie, the Crown, or its designated representative in the form of the heir, breaks that tie. The Conclave has no technical executive authority as a body save if the Prince is absent, incapacitated, dead, or a minor (in which case it also serves as a regency council, with the minor Prince’s nearest living adult relative filling the role of heir and voting on the Prince’s behalf). In such a case it has the authority to act, to a limited extent, by a majority vote. It may cast votes at other times to make formal recommendations to the ruling Prince. Legally, these resolutions have no binding power over the Prince, but in practice they carry a great deal of weight, and a Prince will rarely overrule a strong majority resolution from his Conclave.

The current roster of the Conclave is as follows:

Chancellor Thesalia Keldorin

Guildmaster Hiram Stonefist

Baron Darius Korvelle

Minister Derrin Waylan

High Deacon Gareth Palgraine

Dean Eyras Ceronial

Lord Jarel Reglin

Commander Urgaj Kalakh

Lord Garlan Sorend


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