In the beginning, there was The Void;
Empty, cold, alone, and endless.

Within the heart of The Void, Estya caused herself to be;
Formless, roiling, barren, and strong.

The Void saw Esyta come into being before him;
For the first time, his perfect emptiness was marred,
His depthless cold resisted,
His unbroken solitude broken,
His eternity given meaning.

The Void could not resist Estya’s lure;
A will so deep it impelled pure creation;
A brashness so limitless it dared to shatter his perfection;
A drive so powerful it defied him to refuse her;
A beauty so great it filled every part of him.

All the force of The Void’s regard bent
Upon Estya as she spun in the emptiness;
And in the instant of their meeting, all reality was made new.

Where once had been nothing,
Now was born Light, and Darkness, and their protean sibling Twilight,
And the three siblings brought order from the chaos,
Dividing reality among them.

Sculpted from the substance of their mother and the infinity of their father,
The siblings brought forth shape and form where once there had been none;

Into the sky Light placed the Sun,
That his glory would shine down on his mother forever;

To bring relief from the glare,
Darkness spread his cloak of Night;

That the new shape of things be not forgotten,
Twilight scattered the cloak of Night with the Moons and Stars.

Upon the face of their mother,
Light brought forth the trees, the grasses, and the flowers,
That they might drink in the wonder of the Sun,
And make Estya beautiful;

Throughout the deepest places of their mother,
Darkness brought forth the seas and all the rivers of the world,
That the forests and plains might slake their thirst
In the heat of Light’s Sun;

And onto the face of Estya,
And into all her shadowed depths,
Twilight brought forth all the creatures of land and sea;
That all the world might be filled with liveliness and song.

And, at the last,
Did the three siblings come together
For their last, and greatest work,
Light and Darkness and Twilight
Did give shape to the Gods,
Commanding them to guard over
And tend to the lands of Estya,
For the siblings had more worlds to shape
And other realms to grow.

And the gods,
In their multitude,
Still gazing in wonder at the world in their care,
Did make in turn servants to aid them
In their great task;
Elves and Men,
Dragons and Dwarves,
And more did they make,
And spread them throughout the land.

And the peoples were tested,
And endured;
And grew;
And Lived.

-The Song of Birthings,
Translated from an Andivan creation myth

Dark Moon Rising is a fantasy campaign set in the world of Estya, originally created for Red Dawn. The setting was created using the Dawn of Worlds setting creation system and is played using the FATE Core System.

A Dark Moon Rising

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