Emilyn Féni

Riverside's Most Popular Innkeeper's Daughter! (also: Cheery Co-Proprietress of the Inn at Day's End)


Age: 23
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Race: Human

For such a small town, Riverside doesn’t have many things of which it can boast. Arguably its greatest imports (and exports) are the travelers that pass to and from the eastern gate. Business in Northport. Business in Forsedge. Not a great deal of business in Riverside, apart from the trade that keeps the town going. Necessity brings in wanderers and caravans; there is one thing, however, that keeps them there.

Riverside is widely known as a warm and hospitable place, and that distinction is owed almost entirely to the town’s singular inn: The Inn at Day’s End. Located just off of the town’s market “district,” this modest two-story building boasts eight guest rooms, each of which can house two comfortably (and more if comfort isn’t a priority). With that much space there should always be room at the Day’s End, but the inn’s popularity means that it is often filled with journeyers of all sorts. Even still, if one is looking for lodging the staff will always try to accommodate, which has led to some rather cramped arrangements at times.

But enough about lodging, excellent though it may be— without question the biggest draw to the Day’s End is the downstairs dining room. Some have called it a tavern. A restaurant, even! No matter what you call it this is the heart of the inn, of the whole town one could argue. Dominated by a massive, magnificent fireplace, this homely room is where good food and drink, good company, good service, and good entertainment have left an indelible mark on many a visitor. So much so that the Day’s End has remained one of the most frequented destinations in northern Targea.

And for as long as anyone in Riverside can remember, the Féni family has always owned the Inn at Day’s End. Though not every member of the family has stayed on in the quiet, small trade town, there remains at least one to keep the inn and continue a tradition that has lasted for generations.

It was no different for Nigel Féni, the youngest at the time, who took over ownership of the inn after a brief but virulent disease swept through Riverside and took his parents far too soon. For several years Nigel ran the inn with the help of hired hands, but many in town commented that the homely atmosphere was changed during those times. It wasn’t until years later, when a caravan traveling from Northport stopped over at the inn for a time, that Nigel met a young woman named Lauren Braithwaite. The two became fast friends, and the townsfolk were overjoyed when Nigel convinced Lauren to stay on and help him run the Day’s End. Over time their friendship blossomed into love, and they were soon married. With the hired help gone and another Féni in the house, the inn soon returned to its former self. Though running and maintaining the inn was at times difficult, Nigel and Lauren were happy with their life together, and it did not take long for their thoughts to turn to the future.

Their first and only child, born just over a year later, was named Emilyn.

Emilyn Féni

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