There are 2 broad methods that magical energies can be manipulated in the world of Estya. Arcane magic, or sorcery to commoners, and divine magic, which is wielded by the godtouched.

Arcane magic is itself divided into two broad categories. The first, and far more common, is magery. This is a discipline that essentially anyone can learn with enough study and practice, though the effort required to do so well means it remains a relatively rare field of expertise. It is through magery, however, that nearly all enchantment is performed, which serves as a foundation for much of civilization. Magery is at its most effective when the practitioner has time to prepare, space in which to work without interruption, and generally various implements to aid in focus and the channeling of the energies being used. In emergencies, it is possible for skilled mages to cast certain kinds of spells quickly, but these tend to be of limited effect, and often highly taxing for the caster.

The second, and much less common, is known broadly as manashaping. Rare individuals will find themselves at a young age with a natural affinity for certain kinds of magical energy, and can learn to manipulate those energies more or less instinctively. While shapers can typically wield far more raw power on the fly than a mage, its application is almost invariably much more limited, as practices such as rituals and enchantment are essentially unavailable to them. Moreover, it is extremely rare for a shaper to have affinity with more than one type of magic (though there have been tales of rare figures who have mastered several), meaning their range of options is also far narrower.

Divine magic is unlike the others, in that its power does not come, directly, from the one wielding it. Devotees of particular gods are sometimes granted a portion of their deity’s power, enabling them to manifest that power directly in the world, and help influence it to serve their god’s designs. Such individuals are known collectively as the godtouched. Most often godtouched are priests, or sometimes paladins, of a given god, but that is not always the case – some gods have little in the way of a formal priesthood, and instead grant their favor to individuals they feel exemplify their ideals. The precise way that divine magic might manifest can vary as widely as the gods themselves, and is difficult to categorize.

It is theoretically possible for one person to have skill in more than one form of magic, but it is unusual, as temperaments for each rarely mesh.


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