Orcs are a savage race, though they tend to display a bit more sophistication than kobolds or naghila. While those races have not developed the techniques to create weapons more sophisticated than carved bone or chipped stone, orcs can forge weapons from metal when they wish to do so. However, they are not fond of mining for the ore, and their forging techniques are comparatively primitive, so they often steal their weapons from the residents of neighboring lands when they can.

Orcs are tribal in nature, though their clans tend to be larger than merely extended family units. Any given orcish clan leader will generally command anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand orcs, including women and children. Interclan warfare is extremely common, possibly even more common than raids into more civilized territory. Periodically, a few clans may band together for mutual interests temporarily, and a large scale conflict between a civilized nation and the orcs might erupt, but these occurrences are relatively rare— the mistrust and rivalry between clans is difficult to overcome. Within a clan, violence is generally limited to non-lethal fights over rank— it is considered reckless to use deadly weapons with a clansman.

Orcish skin tones run from a deep green to almost black. Hair is invariably black. Males will develop facial hair under the jaw and on the chin, but not on the cheeks or upper lip, though they will develop long sideburns. Males also grow a sort of mane— long hair grows from the back of the neck and between the shoulder blades as well as on the head. Both males and females grow thick hair on the forearms and shins, similar to head hair, though it remains much shorter, and does not require trimming. Hair patterns are otherwise similar to humans.

Orcs have what would be considered an underbite in a human— their lower jaw naturally protrudes beyond their upper, and their bottom teeth rest on the outside of their top teeth. Males develop prominent tusks with maturity, typically growing to be 3-6 inches long, and protruding from the mouth like that of a boar. Females also grow longer lower canines, but they do not generally protrude.

Orcs are generally somewhat shorter than humans, but are also typically more heavily built. While an orc over 5’5” is rare, males average over 200 lbs. Females are generally more slender, though not shorter. Orcs have somewhat longer arms and shorter legs, relative to their height, than humans— at rest their fingertips will reach nearly to their knees.

An orcish lifespan is also somewhat shorter than a human’s— averaging around 50 years. Whether that is entirely biological or the result of more limited medical knowledge is not clear. Orcs tend to favor open country, such as steppes, low hills, or savannah. They don’t care for caves or forests very much, preferring to be able to see the horizon.


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